Notice on the processing of personal data in the online store

Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (April 27, 2016) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, which repeals Directive 95/46/EC ("General Data Protection Regulation regulation"), we provide you with comprehensible, transparent, honest processing of personal data based on the General Data Protection Regulation, which is carried out on the website of the online store (hereinafter - "Internet store").

In this privacy policy, you will find information about what personal data we collect and how we process it. We invite you to carefully familiarize yourself with the provisions of this Policy before you provide us with any of your personal data.

In this privacy policy, you can familiarize yourself with the following information:

1. Who is the controller of your personal data.

2. What personal data we collect and process.

3. What is the legal basis for personal data processing.

4. Types of personal data processing, categories of data and duration of data processing.

5. What are the purposes of personal data processing.

6. Recipients of personal data.

7. Duration of personal data storage.

8. Use of cookies.

9. Your rights.

10. Additional information.

1. Who is the controller of your personal data.

The controller of your personal data, or the legal entity that determines the purposes and means of personal data processing in the Internet store, is SIA "BTP", registration number: 40003520179, address: Dzirnavu iela 57, Riga, LV-1010, contact information: [email protected].

The controller of your personal data ensures the operation of the Internet store and provides services to the visitors of the Internet store, as well as concludes distance purchase-sale contracts with them.

2. What personal data do we collect and process.

Basically, we obtain your personal data directly from you. You submit your personal data to us directly, for example, by registering in the Internet store or using its services without registration, making purchases, performing actions related to your order, applying for loyalty program benefits or receiving news (commercial announcements), submitting feedback or complaints. We request only those personal data of yours that are objectively and reasonably necessary for us to provide you with services, fulfill the obligations of the distance purchase-sale agreement, respond to your application or perform other actions with your data. If we need to obtain additional information or conduct an investigation of the circumstances for effective and for the objective consideration of your request or complaint, we can link the data contained in your request with the data already available to us or lawfully collected during the processing of your request (for example, with your payment transaction data, history of using your profile, etc.). Categories of personal data and ve The IDs we collect and process are set out in section 4 of this policy.

3. What is the legal basis for personal data processing.

The provision of your personal data is a prerequisite for concluding a purchase-sale agreement with you, and we need your personal data in accordance with the concluded purchase-sale agreement in order to fulfill the resulting obligations, exercise your rights and perform our obligations. Your Personal Data is processed , based on the following legal grounds set out in the General Data Protection Regulation:• Article 6(1)(a) (Consent given by you);• Article 6(1)(b) (Performance or performance of a contract to which you are a contracting party) before concluding the contract);• Article 6, Clause 1, letter c) (to fulfill the legal obligations set out in external regulatory acts applicable to us);• Article 6, Clause 1, letter f) (to respect our legitimate interests). To fulfill certain Internet services offered by the store, we need your personal data, which you provide when expressing your consent or accepting the purchase-sale contract ma rules. In case of your disagreement or non-acceptance of the terms of purchase and sale, we will not be able to provide you with services. Our legitimate interests, on the basis of which we process certain of your personal data, are the development, promotion and quality assurance of our goods and services, ensuring compliance with our internal rules, as well as our protection of legal interests in case of disputes or defense of our legal interests in court.

4. Types of personal data processing, categories of data and duration of data processing

Type of data processingData categories and typesDuration of data processingRegistration in the online store and creation of a buyer's profileIdentification data: first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address (residential or business address), delivery method. Information about your order history will also be stored in your profile with each subsequent order. Information about your previously viewed products and your marked favorite products may be stored for as long as you have a registered profile in the Internet store (until your profile is deleted) or longer if there is a relevant legal basis. You can delete your profile yourself or it will be deleted automatically if you do not log into your profile for more than 1 year. Order creation and delivery

Identification data: first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number. Order information: goods, delivery method, delivery address, information about the goods on the waybill-invoice, order and delivery date and time, information about the ordered goods, payment information. Depending on the statute of limitations (according to Article 406 of the Commercial Law - 3 years) or longer if there is a relevant legal basis. Processing of payments

Identification data: name, surname, personal identification number. Payment information: amount, applied taxes, discounts, purpose of payment, transaction reference number, account number, payment method used. Depending on the requirements of accounting regulatory acts (justification documents - 5 years) or longer if there is a relevant legal basis. Exercising the right of refusal

Identification data: first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number. Information about the returned goods, date and time of order and delivery, payment information, current account data (in the case of a refund). Depending on the statute of limitations (according to Article 406 of the Commercial Law - 3 years) or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis. Providing feedback or suggestion Identification data: name, e-mail address. The submitted message, as well as other data that is submitted along with such a message or in the process of correspondence. Until the feedback is answered or a solution is provided, or longer if there is a relevant legal basis. Claims handling and dispute resolution

Identification data: first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address. Data about the object of the claim or dispute (product or service), for example, the content of the claim or dispute, data about the purchase of a product or the receipt of a service, requests and demands. Other documents or information related to the claim or request (for example, photos, waybill data). Until the claim is resolved or longer if there is a relevant legal basis. Subscription to news (Commercial announcements)

Identification data: name, email address and/or telephone number.

As long as your consent is valid (until withdrawal of consent). Market research and statistics

Address, district or city, information about the order (for example, date of purchase, category and names of goods, quantities of goods, total amount of purchases) – in encrypted form (anonymized data). Anonymized data can be stored for an unlimited period of time. Surveys Identification data: name, surname, e-mail and/or telephone number, survey date, your answers (surveys can be anonymous, in which case no data will be collected or they are anonymized). Anonymized data can be stored for an unlimited period of time. Loyalty program Identification data: name , surname, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and address. Data on loyalty benefits, received discounts and other benefits obtained. While you have applied for the loyalty program. Regarding individual data: as long as the specific promotion is running or as long as the specified loyalty offer exists. Information security

Information about your profile and data about your access to the profile, as well as activities in it. Until the prevention of a security threat or the detection and elimination of a problem. Protection of the legitimate interests of the manager. the basic principles of data protection, including the principle of minimizing data processing. While there is a dispute or legal proceedings are underway, as well as for the purpose of possible appeals - until the end of the appeal period or longer, while the dispute is resolved.

5. What are the purposes of personal data processing

Registration in the Internet store and creation of a buyer's profile: We process your personal data so that you can create your personal profile in the Internet store and make orders and other actions through it more conveniently and quickly. Your personal data is processed for the purpose of allowing you to use special benefits for registered buyers, such as loyalty program benefits, view your order history, etc.

Your profile data will be used to contact you, prepare and deliver your orders, find your order or identify you as a customer in our customer database, respond to your messages, inform you about offers, news and promotions, offer loyalty program benefits if you are agreed, restore your profile password and provide other services. We need certain personal data to identify you at the time of placing an order, to find your order if necessary or to inform you about the fulfillment of your order, as well as to perform other actions, such as ensuring the acceptance or exchange of the returned product. Order creation and delivery: The data you provide is used for the purpose of ensuring the fulfillment of the distance purchase-sale contract, for example, processing and preparing your order for delivery and transferring your order to the delivery service provider.

Payment processing: We process your payment data by collecting data on the purchase payment method and payment information in order to start the execution of your order. The processing of your payment data depends on the payment method you choose, offered by the Internet store. For example, payment with a bank payment card, with a transfer to the bank of the Internet store, when paying in the Internet bank. When making payments through a settlement institution, your personal data will be transferred to this institution and their processing will take place in accordance with the procedures specified in the privacy protection rules of this institution. The data required to join the Internet bank are used only for this purpose and are not transferred to the Internet store.

Exercising the right of withdrawal: We process your data so that you can exercise your right of withdrawal under the Consumer Rights Protection Act.

Giving a feedback or suggestion: You can give a feedback or suggestion on the website of the online store, specifying the minimum amount of personal data necessary to respond to your feedback, if you ask for it or if the content of your message requires it, to address you and to respond to the feedback provided. message if necessary.

Complaint handling and dispute resolution: We process your personal data in cases where there is a need to handle a claim or resolve a dispute arising from the services we provide or your order, as well as other activities related to your order and our services.

We will process your personal data in order to protect our rights in case of disputes, to evaluate the disputed situation, collect evidence, submit claims, defend our interests in state or local government institutions or in court, as well as implement our other legitimate interests in connection with the aforementioned.

Signing up for news (Commercial announcements): If you have given your consent to receive news or commercial announcements, we will process your personal data to send you marketing information and the latest news related to the promotion of our goods and services with the aim of promoting our goods and services, as well as remind buyers about our goods and services.

Market research and statistics: We may process data about your orders for reporting and statistics in order to monitor, evaluate, improve and expand our services. We can analyze such data as, for example, which city or district you are from, how many deliveries have been made to your city or district, for what amounts, how many complaints have been received, etc.

Surveys: We process data contained in surveys to find out the opinion of customers and buyers about the goods and services we provide. Participation in surveys is voluntary and allows the survey participant to influence the operation of the Internet store and the improvement of service quality with the opinion provided. Loyalty program: Personal data obtained within the loyalty program is processed to provide you with special services and offers. Certain data is processed to wish you a happy birthday and/or offer special services, discounts or goods in connection with it. Your address data is processed to ensure the delivery of the benefits of the loyalty card or loyalty program, if this is provided in accordance with the terms of the specific loyalty benefit.

Information security: We monitor the activities of the users of the Internet store in order to identify possible threats, illegal activities, as well as to maintain compliance with the security requirements of regulatory acts and our internal rules and to protect the data of the Internet store from unauthorized activities. Such actions are also taken by the server maintainer to ensure that server security threats are prevented. For this purpose, your personal information may be obtained from your profile, and access to your profile may be made if it is reasonably necessary, and such actions are carried out by us only if it is necessary to carry out an inspection or to obtain evidence related to a security threat to the information system. Such data processing is necessary for the protection of our legitimate interests and the security of the data of website visitors.

Protection of the controller's legitimate interests: In addition to the above-mentioned purposes, we may process your personal data for the purpose of protecting our legitimate interests, for example in the case of claims, claims or legal proceedings against us. For this purpose, any of your personal data may be processed, unless your interests as a data subject or fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms that require the protection of personal data are not more important than our legitimate interests, and only to the extent necessary for the specific purpose.

6. Recipients of personal data.

In order to fulfill their obligations to you, your personal data may be available to other persons who provide us with such services as, for example, server maintenance, data center and other IT services, e-mail delivery services, marketing services, delivery service (courier service, mail, parcels, etc.) services, system development and maintenance services, payment processing services. These service providers can process your personal data only in accordance with our instructions and in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded between us, in compliance with data protection rules and requirements. When making a payment, your personal data and payment data are sent to the relevant payment service provider. For example, when paying by transfer to the bank of the Internet store, in the Internet bank or using the Internet banking payment system, your bank and the payee's bank (including the intermediary bank) receive certain data about you and the payment made. When paying, your personal data is processed in accordance with the privacy policies of the payment institutions. In order to fulfill our legal obligation, as well as to exercise our legal interests and defend our rights, we may submit your personal data to law enforcement authorities, as well as to other state or municipal authorities after their request in accordance with the law. In order to protect your legitimate interests, your personal data may be transferred to legal service providers, such as a law firm.

Your personal data is not sent or processed in a country outside the European Economic Area.

7. Duration of personal data storage.

Your Personal Data will be stored only as long as necessary for the above-mentioned purposes and in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria (see Section 4 "Types of Personal Data Processing, Data Categories and Duration of Data Processing"). for its conclusion, we will store it within the period provided for by law, and we can also save a longer period of time, while the liability claims arising from the contractual obligations between us and you expire, as well as if it is necessary for us to be able to defend our legitimate interests against those expressed to us claims or claims or claims made in court. In the event that a lawsuit is initiated, your personal data may be stored until the end of the legal proceedings, including possible appeal deadlines. Documents proving payment, including bills of lading, which are considered justification documents, will be stored for as long as as determined by accounting regulations.

8. Use of cookies.

Cookies are used on the website of the online store. A cookie is a small information file that is sent to your computer or other device, such as a mobile phone, when you visit a particular website and is stored in your browser.

A cookie is sent to your computer or other device with the purpose of saving data so that the specific website can recognize you as a website user when you visit this website. With the help of cookies, we can link your purchase history and other data collected during the use of our services with your browsing on the Internet. The information obtained with the help of cookies allows you to provide more convenient browsing, provide personalized and suitable offers for you depending on your purchases or website browsing history, as well as learn more about the behavior of website users, analyze trends and improve both website operation and your service.

Some cookies are necessary so that the website user can safely and freely browse the website, interact correctly with the website functions, get the desired information and submit applications. Also, these cookies are necessary so that the user can save his choices related to the use of the website (language, consent to cookies, etc.). Without these cookies, the website cannot function fully, that is, the content of the website may not be displayed correctly to the user or the functions of the website may not work. Such cookies are automatically stored on the user's device to enable browsing of the website requested by the user.

Cookies obtain technical data about the visitor's device, but they do not identify the user, nor do they collect or collect information. Necessary cookies are stored on the visitor's device until the cookie has fulfilled its function, but no longer than two years.

On the website of the online store, we use the following cookies - Session cookies; Permanent cookies; Third-party cookies.

Session cookies (or temporary cookies) are deleted immediately when the user closes the browser after accessing the website content.

Persistent cookies are stored on the user's end device for a certain period of time in order to be able to recognize his browser sessions and to know whether there was a previous interaction between the website and the user's device. When visiting the website again, the user's web browser reads all persistent cookies and delivers information to the website or element that sent the respective cookie to the user.

Third-party cookies are used to create a browsing history of each visitor in order to display advertising specifically for him and provide the best experience while visiting the website. If your browser allows you to set third-party cookies, the third-party cookie partner will be able to set their own cookies in your browser.

You can get more information about cookies, their use and opting out at

9. Your rights.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have certain rights regarding the processing of your personal data, for example:

◦ access your personal data and receive information about their processing from us; 

◦ request correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data, or correct them independently in your online store profile; 
◦ delete your personal data (the right to be “forgotten”), except if in accordance with regulatory enactments, we must retain certain of your personal data; 
◦ withdraw previously given consent to data processing; ◦ limit our data processing, i.e. request that we stop processing your personal data for a certain period of time; 
◦ request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transfer this data to another controller (right to data portability).

In order to exercise the above-mentioned rights, you must make a request to the online store's customer service or send a request to the e-mail or address of the data controller specified in Section 1 of this policy.

We inform you that according to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to file a complaint with the State Data Inspectorate in case of unjustified or illegal processing of your personal data.

10. Additional information.

You must ensure that the personal data you provide is accurate and truthful. If your personal data is found to be inaccurate, you must immediately correct it or ask us to correct it. In the event that you have indicated another person's data, in the event of claims, we reserve the right to appeal to you with a recourse claim. We can make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice, and the policy amendments come into effect immediately after they are published on the website of the Internet store. Therefore, we invite you to periodically read this privacy policy so that you are sure that you are familiar with the changes, as well as to read it carefully every time you are asked to confirm that you have read the privacy policy when performing any actions in the Internet store.

The privacy policy was developed on October 22, 2021 and is periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.