The store "Randoms" was opened for the first time in September 1997, at the intersection of Kalķu and Skarņu streets. It is one of the first and largest music record stores in the Baltics. During these more than 20 years, "Randoms" has become not only a favorite shopping place, but also a favorite meeting place for all music and cinema connoisseurs.

Since April 2017, "Randoms" has been located at Valņu Street 18, Old Riga - in the legendary location of the "Vecrīga" cafe, the place where the legendary "Vecrīga" cakes originated, opposite the former "Aina" cinema.

In addition to music records - LPs, CDs and audiocassettes - the store offers memorabilia, band and pop culture clothing and accessories, and many, many unique items that might be the perfect gift for any loved one or unloved person. :)