Distance contract

Distance contract By purchasing goods on the www.randoms.lv website, you confirm that you are familiar with the terms of this distance contract and agree to the content of this contract.


1.1. Contract – this distance contract between the seller of the Goods and the Buyer, which consists of these terms binding on the Buyer, which are published on the Website.

1.2. Payment confirmation – an e-mail sent by the seller of goods with an attached invoice.

1.3. Payment card – Buyer's credit or debit payment card from which the Product is charged in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

1.4. Homepage – the website www.randoms.lv, where the online store is located.

1.5. Product description – a description of the main characteristics of the Product, the price of the Product and the terms of its use, which are available on the Website for each specific Product.

1.6. The seller of the goods is SIA "BTP", registration no. 40003520179, VAT registration number: LV40003520179, legal address: Dzirnavu iela 57, Riga, LV-1010.

1.7. Product – any product purchased by the Buyer on the Seller's Website.

1.8. Buyer – a natural or legal person who purchases a Product on the Website.

1.9. Shopping cart – a section on the website where the Product selected by the Consumer is placed after clicking the Buy button.

1.10. Party/ Parties – Seller of Goods and/or Buyer.


2.1. In accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the description of the Goods, the Seller of the Goods sells to the Buyer the Goods purchased by the Buyer on the Website.

2.2. The contract is considered concluded after the Buyer has marked the following declaration on the Website: I have familiarized myself with the privacy policy (processing of my data) and terms of use, as well as paid for the Goods in accordance with the price indicated on the Website.

2.3. After concluding the Agreement, an automatically generated e-mail and an invoice are sent to the Buyer's specified electronic mail address.

2.4. The Agreement operates until the complete fulfillment of all obligations of the Parties specified in the Agreement or its termination in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

2.5. If the Buyer is a legal entity, a duly authorized natural person acts on its behalf and in its interests. A person making a purchase on behalf of a legal entity is deemed to be authorized accordingly.

2.6. In cases where the Product is purchased by a legal entity, the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights (rules for exercising the right of refusal and product warranty) do not apply.

2.7. Legal entities are subject to the provisions of regulatory acts that regulate relations between merchants and the provisions of the contract for the purchase and sale of goods concluded with the seller of goods. If the product is purchased in the online store by a legal entity with whom the Seller of Goods has not concluded a contract for the purchase and sale of goods, then the provisions of this Agreement apply to the relationship with the legal entity in the performance of the specific purchase and the resulting obligations.


3.1. The Buyer can purchase Goods by registering on the Website or as an unregistered Website user.

3.2. You can use one of three ways to make payments:

3.2.1. Bill payment by bank transfer;

3.2.2. Payment by payment card;

3.2.3. Payment at the point of sale/ at the point of delivery of goods - at the "Randoms" store at Valņu Street 18, Riga, on the spot, except when such an option is denied due to epidemiological or other restrictions and the physical store is open.

3.3. On the website of the seller of goods, payments for goods are made in cashless form and their processing is provided by third parties, therefore the seller of goods cannot influence and is not responsible for possible errors of payment processors.

3.4. The buyer is responsible for any additional costs that may be related to the chosen payment method, for example, the buyer's bank commission.

3.5. After completing the payment, the Buyer receives the invoice by e-mail indicated on it.

3.6. Invoices are prepared electronically and are valid without a signature. The seller of the goods will send the invoice electronically to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer.

3.7. The order is considered submitted to the seller of the Goods when payment for the Goods has been made and the Buyer has received the invoice.

3.8. The seller of the goods is not responsible for the consequences arising from the provision of incorrect information (for example, an incorrect e-mail address) by the Buyer.


4.1. Product prices on the Website are indicated in accordance with the Price List approved by the Seller of the Products. The indicated Product prices include VAT (value added tax).

4.2. For the buyer, the Products are in the shopping cart until the end of the session (the time from the moment the website is opened to the moment the website is closed).

4.3. If the price of the Products has changed while the Product has been in the shopping cart, then at the time of purchasing the Products, it is updated in accordance with the current price of the Products indicated in the Product description.

4.4. The seller of the goods has the right to unilaterally change the price of the goods, about which the buyer is informed, when the seller of the goods makes changes to the description of the goods on the website. The price of the goods is valid from the moment of its publication, if no specific term by which it comes into force is specified.


5.1. The buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the description of the Goods.

5.2. If the Buyer believes that the received Product does not correspond to the description of the Product, then the Buyer has the right to submit a claim to the seller of the Product, requesting the elimination of the discrepancy or the exchange of the Product.

5.3. The seller of goods ensures the publication of product descriptions on the website.

5.4. The buyer must provide true, accurate and complete data when concluding the Agreement.

5.5. The Parties are responsible for all damages caused to the other Party, if they occurred as a result of the culpable action or omission of the Party or its representatives.

5.6. The buyer is fully responsible for the legality of the use of the Payment card, as well as the payment account linked to the card.

5.7. The seller of goods is not responsible for losses caused by the malfunction of the Buyer's electronic or telephone communications provided by a third party, as well as for losses caused to the Buyer when making payments due to the credit institution's fault.


6.1. When purchasing or returning Goods, the Buyer must cover the delivery costs of the package. The buyer may also return the goods by personally delivering them to the "Randoms" store at Valņu street 18, Riga.


7.1 The standard shipping time for the purchased goods is 1-3 working days, unless the specific Product is not available in the store.

7.2. Regarding the terms of delivery of goods, the Buyer can be guided by the information on delivery terms available at www.omniva.lv , pasts.lv and www.dpd.com/lv/lv/, which may change depending on the months of the year and the busyness of holidays.

7.3. The seller of the goods is responsible for preparing the goods for delivery. The seller of the goods is not responsible for delivery delays caused by circumstances independent of the seller of the goods, including overloading of "Omniva" , "Latvijas Pasts" or "DPD Latvija".


8.1. The goods are received in accordance with the information mentioned in the Delivery section and within the period specified therein.


9.1. The parties are released from responsibility for the complete or partial non-fulfillment of the obligations stipulated in the Agreement, if such non-fulfillment is due to an 
uncontrollable, extraordinary event (force majeure), which the respective Party could not foresee when concluding the Agreement and prevent. Circumstances of force majeure are considered to be such circumstances as wars, riots, strikes, accidents, natural disasters, natural disasters, decisions of the government and state administrative authorities and other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties or the relevant Party.

9.2. If the circumstances of force majeure continue for more than 45 (forty-five) calendar days, each of the Parties has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement with a written notification to the other Party. In this case, none of the Parties is responsible for the losses incurred by the other Party due to force majeure.


10.1. Data processing of natural persons is carried out on the basis of the Privacy Policy posted on the Website.

10.2. The buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the rules of personal data processing before making each purchase..


11.1. The consumer has the right to refuse the received product within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of receipt of the Product, without mentioning the reason. The period for exercising the right of withdrawal expires after 14 (fourteen) days, starting from:
* from the day of delivery of the goods;
* from the last day of product delivery – if the order includes several products;
* from the day of delivery of the last batch or part of the product - if the delivery is made in batches or parts.

11.2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must send the Seller of the Goods a completed withdrawal form or a clear, free-form statement containing information about the purchased item, the Buyer's first and last name (for natural persons), name, registration no. and legal address (for legal entities), phone number, bank account number from which payment for the Product was made and e-mail address.

11.3. In order for the deadline for the right of withdrawal to be respected, the Buyer must send his notice of exercising the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the right of withdrawal or on the last day of the right of withdrawal by 00.00.

11.4. During the period of exercising the right of refusal, the Buyer has the right to use the Product to the extent necessary for testing the nature, properties and operation of the product (to the same extent as it could be done before purchasing the product in a regular store). Using the right of withdrawal, the Buyer is responsible for the use of the Product beyond the time and manner intended for the purpose of testing the nature, properties and performance of the Product. The Buyer is responsible for the use of the Product during the period of exercise of the right of withdrawal, which is incompatible with the principle of good faith, as well as for the reduction of the value, quality and safety of the product.

11.5. After the Seller of the Goods has received the Buyer's notification regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal within the procedure and time limit specified in the Agreement and regulatory acts, the Seller of the Goods shall inform the Buyer thereof. Within 10 (ten) days after receiving the relevant confirmation from the Seller of the Goods, the Buyer must deliver the Product and the document proving the purchase (bank payment order) using postal/courier services or personally to the Seller's place of sale/issue of goods at Valņu street 18, Riga. (courier and/or postal costs will have to be covered by the Buyer)

11.6. The cancellation form can be received by writing to [email protected]. The buyer can fill it out and submit it by sending the original to the store "Randoms", Valņu street 18, Riga, LV-1050 and by sending a scanned copy to the e-mail of the seller of the goods : [email protected].

11.7. After receiving the cancellation form, the Seller of the Goods shall, without undue delay, but no later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which he has received back from the Buyer an undamaged, clean, undamaged packaging film (for CDs and records), without listening (for CDs and records) or for signs of wear (for clothing and accessories), the Product, refunds the amount of money paid to the Buyer. The seller of the goods repays the mentioned sum of money using the same type of payment method as the one used by the Consumer. 

11.8. In case of exercise of the right of refusal, the Buyer does not have to cover the costs of the money transfer, if it is a domestic money transfer. If the transfer of funds is to another country, then these expenses are covered by the Buyer. The seller of the goods deducts the transfer loans from the amount to be transferred to the Consumer.

11.9. The right of withdrawal does not apply to Goods whose packaging has been opened and which cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons.


12.1. Complaints can be submitted by the Buyer in writing by sending them to the postal address of the Seller of the Goods indicated below or electronically to the e-mail: [email protected]. The seller of the goods shall provide the answer no later than within 1 (one) month from the receipt of the Consumer's complaint.

12.2. Disputes and disagreements that arise during the execution of the Agreement shall be resolved by the Parties through mutual negotiations. If the Parties cannot agree, then any dispute, disagreement or claim related to the Agreement, its termination, amendment or validity shall be resolved in the court of the Republic of Latvia, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

Contact information:
Reg. No.: 40003520179
VAT registration no.: LV40003520179
Legal address: Dzirnavu Street 57, Riga, LV-1010
e-mail: [email protected]

The provisions of this Agreement have been developed and are applicable in the version of October 21, 2021.
They are periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.