Nirvana - Nevermind (30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition)(8 LP + 7
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Nirvana - Nevermind (30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition)(8 LP + 7" LP)

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Nevermind (Original Album Remastered)

A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit

A2 In Bloom

A3 Come As You Are

A4 Breed

A5 Lithium

A6 Polly

B1 Territorial Pissings

B2 Drain You

B3 Lounge Act

B4 Stay Away

B5 On A Plain

B6 Something In The Way

Live In Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso November 25, 1991)

C1 Drain You

C2 Aneurysm

C3 School

C4 Floyd The Barber

D1 Smells Like Teen Spirit

D2 About A Girl

D3 Polly

D4 Lithium

E1 Sliver

E2 Breed

E3 Come As You Are

E4 Been A Son

E5 Negative Creep

F1 On A Plain

F2 Blew

F3 Love Buzz

F4 Territorial Pissings

Live In Del Mar, California (Pat O'Brien Pavilion, December 28, 1991)

G1 Drain You

G2 Aneurysm

G3 School

G4 Floyd The Barber

G5 Smells Like Teen Spirit

G6 About A Girl

H1 Polly

H2 Sliver

H3 Breed

H4 Come As You Are

H5 Lithium

H6 Territorial Pissings

Live In Melbourne, Australia For Triple J (The Palace, February 1, 1992)

I1 Aneurysm

I2 Drain You

I3 School

I4 Sliver

J1 About A Girl

J2 Come As You Are

J3 Lithium

J4 Breed

J5 Polly

K1 Lounge Act

K2 In Bloom

K3 Love Buzz

K4 Smells Like Teen Spirit

L1 Feedback Jam

L2 Negative Creep

L3 On A Plain

L4 Blew

Live In Tokyo Japan (Nakano Sunplaza February 19, 1992)

M1 Negative Creep

M2 Been A Son

M3 On A Plain

M4 Blew

M5 Come As You Are

N1 Lithium

N2 Breed

N3 Sliver

N4 Drain You

O1 About A Girl

O2 School

O3 Aneurysm

O4 Love Buzz

P1 Polly

P2 Territorial Pissings

P3 Smells Like Teen Spirit


Q Endless, Nameless

R1 Even In His Youth

R2 Aneurysm


Alternative RockGrungeRock
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