John Williams - "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" OST
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John Williams - "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" OST

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A1 Main Title And The Attack On The Jakku Village 6:25

A2 The Scavenger 3:39

A3 I Can Fly Anything 3:10

A4 Rey Meets BB-8 1:31

A5 Follow Me 2:54

A6 Rey’s Theme 3:11

B1 The Falcon 3:32

B2 That Girl With The Staff 1:58

B3 The Rathtars! 4:05

B4 Finn’s Confession 2:08

B5 Maz’s Counsel 3:07

B6 The Starkiller 1:50

B7 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle 2:00

B8 The Abduction 2:23

C1 Han And Leia 4:41

C2 March Of The Resistance 2:34

C3 Snoke 2:03

C4 On The Inside 2:06

C5 Torn Apart 4:19

C6 The Ways Of The Force 3:14

D1 Scherzo For X-Wings 2:32

D2 Farewell And The Trip 4:55

D3 The Jedi Steps And Finale 8:51


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