The Cranberries - Remembering Dolores (RSD 2022)
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The Cranberries - Remembering Dolores (RSD 2022)

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Remembering Dolores, a compilation of selected songs from the Cranberries’ discography, was released digitally in September 2021 – around what would have been the late vocalist’s 50th birthday. UMG Recordings, in association with the remaining members of the Cranberries and Dolores O’Riordan’s estate, are releasing a special 2 LP edition of Remembering Dolores. It features 3 bonus tracks: “The Rebels,” “Astral Projections,” and “Warchild.”

Side A:

1. Never Grow Old

2. Schizophrenic Playboy

3. The Glory

4. What You Were

5. The Rebels (Bonus Track)

Side B:

1. Daffodil Lament

2. I Will Always

3. This Is The Day

4. Astral Projections (Bonus Track)

Side C:

1. Joe

2. Pretty

3. I'm Still Remembering

4. You And Me

5. Waiting In Walthamstow

Side D:

1. Everything I Said

2. Why

3. Twenty One

4. Warchild (Bonus Track)


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