Paul McCartney - McCartney
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Paul McCartney - McCartney

Preces kods: 0888072328129
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A1 The Lovely Linda 0:42

A2 That Would Be Something 2:38

A3 Valentine Day 1:40

A4 Every Night 2:33

A5 Hot As Sun/Glasses 2:06

A6 Junk 1:54

A7 Man We Was Lonely 2:57

B1 Oo You 2:49

B2 Momma Miss America 4:05

B3 Teddy Boy 2:23

B4 Singalong Junk 2:35

B5 Maybe I'm Amazed 3:48

B6 Kreen-Akrore 4:10

C1 Suicide (Out-Take) 2:46

C2 Maybe I'm Amazed (From One Hand Clapping)  4:51

C3 Every Night (Live At Glasgow, 1979)  4:30

D1 Hot As Sun (Live At Glasgow, 1979)  2:26

D2 Maybe I'm Amazed (Live At Glasgow, 1979)  5:10

D3 Don't Cry Baby (Out-Take) 3:06

D4 Women Kind (Demo) (Mono) 2:05


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