Marvel - Grafiskā Novele - Wolverine: Dangerous Games

Marvel - Grafiskā Novele - Wolverine: Dangerous Games

Preces kods: 9780785134725
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Paperback (mīkstie vāki) 144 lpp.

Izmēri:146 x 225 x 10.16mm | 270g

Izdots: 29 Apr 2009

Izdevējs: Marvel Comics / New York, United States

Angļu valodā

ISBN10 0785134727

ISBN13 9780785134725

Autori: Christopher Yost , Mike Carey , Rick Remender

It's Wolverine as you've never seen him before! Watch the X-Men's most dangerous member as he battles two-bit thugs and overfed Brit Aristos. Then, Wolverine faces down Nanny and Orphan-Maker, and lets former New X-Men member Trance in on all his secrets. And everyone knows that Wolverine is an expert tracker, but what about when he's been blinded? The fighting Canadian must lead a vacationing family out of the woods using only his four remaining senses

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