Marvel - Grafiskā Novele - Astonishing Thor

Marvel - Grafiskā Novele - Astonishing Thor

Preces kods: 9780785148777
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Paperback (mīkstie vāki) 120 lpp.

Izmēri: 168 x 258 x 10.16mm | 265g

Izdots: 21 Mar 2012

Izdevējs: Marvel Comics / New York, United States

Angļu valodā

ISBN10 0785148779

ISBN13 9780785148777

Autors: Rob Rodi Ilustrācijas: Mike Choi

The God of Thunder faces the fury of living planets! When terrible storms threaten to tear our world apart, Thor traces the cause to Ego, the Living Planet - out of his orbit and rocketing across the solar system on an unstoppable quest to rescue his long-lost brother, held captive by the cosmic entity the Collector. but there will be no happy reunion at the end of his journey - for when Ego and Alterego meet, only one can survive...and earth surely will be destroyed. only Thor has power enough to avert the pending apocalypse - but to do so, he'll have to rely on the help of a wind goddess with questionable motives...and a stormy history with the God of Thunder.

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