The Beatles - Abbey Road
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The Beatles - Abbey Road

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A1 Come Together 4:19

A2 Something 3:02

A3 Maxwell's Silver Hammer 3:27

A4 Oh! Darling 3:27

A5 Octopus's Garden 2:51

A6 I Want You (She's So Heavy) 7:47

B1 Here Comes The Sun 3:05

B2 Because 2:45

B3 You Never Give Me Your Money 4:03

B4 Sun King 2:26

B5 Mean Mr. Mustard 1:06

B6 Polythene Pam 1:13

B7 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 1:58

B8 Golden Slumbers 1:31

B9 Carry That Weight 1:36

B10 The End 2:05

B11 Her Majesty 0:23


PopRockRock & roll
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