Michael Giacchino - "Rogue One" OST
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Michael Giacchino - "Rogue One" OST

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A1 He's Here For Us

A2 A Long Ride Ahead

A3 Wobani Imperial Labor Camp

A4 Trust Goes Both Ways

A5 When Has Become Now

A6 Jedha Arrival

A7 Jedha City Ambush

B1 Star-Dust

B2 Confrontation On Eadu

B3 Krennic's Aspirations

B4 Rebellions Are Built On Hope

C1 Rogue One

C2 Cargo Shuttle SW-0608

C3 Scrambling The Rebel Fleet

C4 AT-ACT Assault

C5 The Master Switch

D1 Your Father Would Be Proud

D2 Hope

D3 Jyn Erso & Hope Suite

D4 The Imperial Suite

D5 Guardians Of The Whills Suite


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