In Flames - Clayman
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In Flames - Clayman

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A1 Bullet Ride 4:41

A2 Pinball Map 4:06

A3 Only For The Weak 4:53

A4 …As The Future Repeats Today 3:28

A5 Square Nothing 3:55

B1 Clayman 3:26

B2 Satellites And Astronauts 5:00

B3 Brush The Dust Away 3:13

B4 Swim 3:11

B5 Suburban Me 3:33

B6 Another Day In Quicksand 3:38

C1 Themes And Variations In D-Minor (Instrumental) 5:10

C2 Only For The Weak (Re-Recorded) 4:13

D1 Bullet Ride (Re-Recorded) 4:37

D2 Pinball Map (Re-Recorded) 4:19

D3 Clayman (Re-Recorded) 3:37


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