Garbage - Anthology (Yellow Translucent 2LPs)
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Garbage - Anthology (Yellow Translucent 2LPs)

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A1 Only Happy When It Rains

A2 Queer

A3 Stupid Girl

A4 #1 Crush

A5 Push It

B1 I Think I'm Paranoid

B2 Special

B3 The World Is Not Enough

B4 Androgyny

B5 Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)

B6 Why Do You Love Me

C1 Bleed Like Me

C2 Witness To Your Love

C3 Blood For Poppies

C4 Automatic Systematic Habit

C5 Empty

D1 Even Though Our Love Is Doomed

D2 No Horses

D3 The Men Who Rule The World

D4 No Gods No Masters


Alternative RockRock
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